It is very difficult to give up the things that you like in life. Most of us eat mindlessly. Truly, think about it. when we put something in our mouth, we focus on the taste not the origin of the ingredients. Most people find becoming vegan a very daunting task and truth be told, it can be. It is a commitment to a certain lifestyle that it full of challenges but before you surround yourself with a blanket of sorrow, lets understand what veganism is first.

Simply put, veganism is refraining from participating in using anything that comes from animals or their by-products. It is the act of seeing that all animals are equal and all are living breathing mechanisms who deserve to live on this planet just like we do. It is the anti-objectification of animals. Veganism is not an opinion, it is an effective lifestyle proven scientifically. The fact that 70% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant and boy oh boy why is that? The growth hormones injected in the body of our favorite meat toys-cows or our lovable feathery folks-chicken throws our own’s body’s hormones out of sync.

Everyone has different reasons to become vegan. Some do it for personal health, some do it to not be a part of animal cruelty and some do it to save the planet. Whatever the reason maybe, you have to look deep into your conscience and try to understand what truly motivates you because without motivation from your soul, being vegan will lose its true meaning and purpose. We can eat whatever we like but ‘mindful eating’ is what we should practice. We have been conditioned to accept that the killing of billions of animals in order to feed us is simply ‘okay’.

Meat, egg and dairy industry; all are hiding behind commercials and endorsements to keep the truth from us. These industries are inhumane and cruel. If you are vegan, you are supporting to stop the vicious treatment of animals. The notion of ignoring the suffering of animals is so heavily ingrained in our minds that many people simply don’t see the need to make a change.

Why be vegan? We say, why not? It significantly reduces the causes of cancer, it lowers your blood pressure levels, reduces the chances of adult onset diabetes, cures cataracts and arthritis, increases life span, improves skin condition and you just feel good overall. Our body becomes leaner and stronger. Our mind stays more alert and we become more ‘aware’ of how our body feels and reacts. We lower our chances of becoming obesity plus we become less susceptible to heart diseases. How cool and awesome and wonderful is that?

By being vegan, we can inculcate a culture of empathy and equality. Some of us may be doing it for the animals but it will translate in our dealings with other human being and transfer on to our kids as well because they learn what they see. If these reasons are not enough then do believe that we are saving our planet from global warning because nearly 20% of man-made pollution comes from the meat industry.

Since we are discussing the benefits, lets address some common problems faced by vegans. One nuisance for vegans or those just starting out is to find restaurants or stores that will help them in their vegan lifestyle. You may want to eat out but not know where to eat and buy vegan products from. This is where the Indivine app comes in really handy. is a unique search engine through which users can find vegan restaurants, cafes, stores and pop-ups nearby to their current location. Any source of vegan food will be listed so that transitioning into the vegan lifestyle will become easier. Furthermore, to add salt to a burning flame, some of your friends may not approve of your dietary choices and give you disapproving looks. Don’t be discouraged! You can always educate and motivate them to practice mindful eating. You never know, you may change someone’s life. Not surprisingly, family events and social get togethers may present a challenge to you as well but why not bring your own meal and eat alongside everyone else?