How is Indivine different from HappyCow?

Indivine is all about high-quality, relevant and accurate vegan business listings, including restaurants, stores, and services to name a few. Our focus is on vegan, however we do allow vegetarian and veg options although these undergo far more scrutiny by our quality control team before they are published on Indivine.

Our entire business model is based on quality control and vetting of all listings which have to meet 3 conditions:

  1. Must have at least 5 vegan items on their menu
  2. Must consider and prevent by reasonable means cross-contamination in their kitchen (if also serving non-vegan)
  3. Must support animal welfare and invest energy into sustainable farming and agriculture

Websites like HappyCow are free for all, which means anyone can submit listings without any real quality assurance. While this helps the team behind HappyCow build a large database, it also has drawbacks in that a large portion of their listings become irrelevant and outdated. So, you end up driving around excited to try a new vegan joint across town, only to arrive and discover that the menu is at best vegetarian. Wasted time, wasted fuel, and… still hungry and even more frustrated.

What sets Indivine apart is that we charge a small subscription fee to businesses for submitting listings.  Listings are vetted and verified by cross-checking multiple sources to determine relevancy, quality and accuracy before the listing is published. This fee means we can afford to pay our staff at Indivine who work tirelessly on quality control, and more importantly, that we can offer the best quality vegan listings to the community. As a bonus, it also means we can get around those annoying ads on our website and mobile apps which rarely offer any value to our day, and simply get in the way.

We want to create a great experience for our vegan community. Our mobile apps and website make that possible, especially when on the move.

For Veg Hunters:

We are always looking to improve our service and welcome feedback from our community. If you have a vegan business you would like to suggest, please submit a recommendation using this form. If you’d like to leave general feedback, please use this form.

For Veg Businesses:

If your business is already listed on Indivine and shows the “unverified” label on the right of the title, it means the listing has not yet been claimed. If in this case you are the rightful owner of the business and can verify your business registration, you can click the “Claim” button to verify and transfer ownership of the listing record.

If you were unable to find your business on Indivine, but would like to add a new listing, you will need to purchase a Business or Franchise package before submitting a listing for review. We also offer a trial package which let’s you try everything out Free for 1 month.  Just select the Trial package to begin. After your trial period has ended, your listing will be disabled and you would need to upgrade your membership plan. You can do all of this from your Account Dashboard.